Friday, 2 February 2007


A very quick post. I'm spending the weekend with my aunty and her two kids at the weekend. they live in sunderland and it's along way away! I hate car journeys. Be good fun though. My Dad is driving us all up there. Best thing is we've still got Christmas presents to exchange.

Just wanted to say thanks diabetes oc, you've made me feel very welcome.

A diabetes update: my sugar is 9.5mmol 170 (us) which is good because i had a huge unexplained hypo this morning and i ended up eating way too many carbs to get it back up again. I had iced gems, I love them so much. Followed by gummy bears and some other sweet stuff.

Have a good weekend guys.



Kevin said...

A little late to the welcome wagon, but welcome-none-the-less!

Have a great weekend at you Aunty's.

type1emt said...

Hi Ashleigh,
Just wanted to say thanks for your comment, and welcome to the OC!
More presents is always a good thing..have a good one.

Kerri. said...

Hey Ashleigh,

Are you still kicking around out there?? Hope you're well.

-- Kerri.

Anonymous said...

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